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Carrier & Parcel Management

Access better services and leverage our buying power to work for you

Single & Multi-Carriers

Market leading e-commerce parcel delivery offering single and multi carrier solutions.

Courier, PUDO, Locker

Courier home delivery, neighbour delivery or Out of Home – to suit you and your customers.

Our Technology

Let our systems work for you – no need for a 3rd party label platform with our Huxloe360 system.

Better Service, Better Value

One carrier for ease or several carriers for different products, countries or services. One contract to cover all your logistics needs.

Huxloe has direct access to all the main UK, EU and Worldwide packet, parcel and bulky goods carrier networks – both for all standard B2C e-commerce deliveries, and a complete range of B2B services.

Whether you just need better service from one carrier, or a simpler way of managing multi carriers, Huxloe’s key relationships enable you to focus on driving your brand and sales – leave the parcel logistics to us.

A single connection with Huxloe gives you the versatility of switching on new services or destinations without the hassle of multiple integrations and demanding carrier contracts.

Our Huxloe360 software gives you the ability to route to different carriers and countries with just one API – and with performance dashboards and tracking it’s an ideal one-stop-shop.

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Single & Multi-Courier Parcel Management
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Courier, PUDO, Lockers

Need out of home delivery too?

We understand that post-Covid more people are working from home, but that doesn’t always make delivery easier. Huxloe offers a complete range of delivery options – home & neighbour courier delivery, PUDO, Locker, to Store, from Store – whatever your customer needs Huxloe can deliver.

If your requirements are for B2B deliveries then Huxloe can help too – we manage millions of parcels in the UK for Click & Collect from Store, Store Replenishment, Bulk Logistics and the usual B2B deliveries to offices, stores and warehouses.


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Complete range of delivery services to suit your needs


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Pick up and drop off increasing customer choice


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Simple contact-free parcel delivery services


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To store, from store, click and collect, replenishment

Huxloe 360 Technology

Link your WMS and order management system with a single API to any and all of our carrier options.

Huxloe continues to invest in the latest technology, developing an in-house routing platform capable of providing the latest innovations from the carriers.

Huxloe360 gives you the flexibility to offer your customers the branded delivery experience they expect in today’s carrier world, and gives you the choice to switch carriers and offer the delivery services your customers need – all without having to manage several carriers yourselves.

If you want to retain your current direct carrier integrations or an existing label platform that’s fine too – let us manage your carrier relationship with customer service and operational support and make strong commercial savings.

Huxloe 360 Technology

Got a Question?

We are here to support your business. If you have a question, click the Enquiry button on the right of your screen, or click the contact us button to fill out our form.

Why Huxloe?

Let Huxloe manage your parcels and remove the pain of dealing with multiple carriers.

In-house intelligent routing platform – Huxloe360 does it all.

UK based multi-lingual customer services for delivery queries, claims management, and escalations.

Operational support managing all collections, forecasting, capacity planning and the all-important Peak Planning.

Huxloe has been managing e-commerce parcels for enterprise clients, marketplaces, retailers, international consolidators and SMEs for more than 15 years – let our experience and market-leading service work for you.

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